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I just learned of a new site called The Geocaching Puzzle of the Day from a person who found the PS101 Remote Solver TB. If you’re a geocaching puzzlehead and need your daily fix, this seems like the place for you to visit.

The PS101 Series was named the GPotD for Friday, May 20, 2011.

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Who I Am ePeterso2I’m Eric Peterson, and my email address is I’m a software engineer who lives in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’ve enjoyed solving puzzles for years, and a few years ago I began constructing puzzles of my own. If you’re ever in Broward County and would like to get together some time, please send me a note by email and let me know. I love the opportunity to meet with other puzzleheads, especially if it involves lunch. Puzzle Testing I believe that the best way to make a puzzle even better is to ask someone else to solve it. You learn so much about how people think, how people approach your puzzle, pitfalls they may encounter, and outright errors in your construction by having someone else try it before you unleash it upon the world. If you’re a puzzle constructor, I would be honored to test your puzzle for you. Send me email with your puzzle or a link to it, and I’ll try solving it, as long as I have time available to do so. I’m a busy guy, so my time is limited … but I’m always open to a challenge. My Public Profiles * My Linked In profile * My profile * My profile Puzzles I’ve Written * Geocaching puzzles Puzzles I’ve Solved * Geocaching puzzles (solved and found) What Happened to ePeterso1? ePeterso1 was a horrible experiment gone wrong that had to be hunted down and killed before he claimed the lives of any more innocent victims. Most of the bugs that caused ePeterso1 to go haywire have been corectted in ePeterso2.

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  1. I solved a couple of recent GPOTD puzzles and decided to go back to the beginning and see if I could solve them all. I got stuck at Jan 14 and again at Jan 15. There’s a lot of fun puzzles, but as I’ve mentioned before, only 24 hours in a day! Thanks!!!

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